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Will it stay or will it go ? Trend Predictions for 2013

Will It Stay or Will It Go? 

Trend Predictions for 2013

From wild haircolors to Miley Cyrus-inspired undercuts, 2012 was a year packed with unconventional hair styles. Some looks were highly celebrated—others remain intensely debated. So which trends will stick around for another year, which will be revamped and which have worn out their welcome? To get some answers, we asked our industry experts to share their predictions for the must-have (and must-go away) looks for 2013.

Will Ombré Stay? 

The new haircolour trend will be gradient color, which is a much more subtle and soft shading effect,extreme ombré has had its day in the sun, and that a more understated version will take center stage this year. We see [extreme ombré] phasing out, as it has been overkill. The look will go back to a prettier “sun-flicked” accent suggests that ombré doesn’t have to stick to its traditional brown to blonde graduation

The Verdict: Ombré lives on! This year we’ll see a much more delicate take on the trend.

Creative Color  
And what is the fate of eccentric haircolors like the lavenders and violets of 2012—what does 2013 hold for them?  It too is evolving and has become quite wearable on so many different women.” We are also a fan of these “cool pastels,” the shade is now robot colors such as Grey-Blue,  will show up as all-over color and in the form of highlights.”

Though last years looks are still popular, 2013 has lots more innovative color trends in store for us! “Turquoise will be a new trend shade. We see the emerald green (My favorite trend now) as winter going into spring and then adjusting to turquoise for a more summery look.”

For yet another twist, we suggest that, instead of rainbow-colored highlights, we will see more refined pigment pops: “They will transform into pastel highlights which are funky but a bit more subtle.” Joico International Artistic Director, Damien Carney has a similar vision for the new direction of creative color, “I see delicate, brighter colors that are soft yet somewhat strong. But only in areas of the head, not all over.” We agrees that the most prevalent trend will be “bright jewel tones – getting away from the drab and creating major pop will make a gorgeous statement!” This type of application, will bring elegance to the trend while having fun at the same time.”– subtlety is key!

Beguiling Bobs
All of these fabulous colors will be awfully lonely without a stylish cut to match! So which cuts will be en vogue this year? the Bob will be the trend cut of 2013., 2012 has been a year of overly long hair so I’m sure Miley and Anne Hathaway’s sporty short crops and pixie cuts will inspire a wave of short ‘dos to come. I’m also loving broomstick blunt straight bobs…looks amazing on super blondes!”
Like celebrity styles, the cuts of fashion models also inspire the masses. Karlie Kloss, the typically long-haired beauty, is now sporting a short cut dubbed “The Chop” for the New Year. It’s worn air-dried, mussed and free!”  

Style Forecast
More and more clients are heading into the New Year with a tight salon budget. With this in mind, people want in 2013: “haircuts that last longer and haircolor that lasts longer, with minimal regrowth—something that is affordable and easy to upkeep…the economy does affects trends.” It seems this mindset carries over into styling trends, too. Accessories will be all the rage in hair: scarfs will replace flowers and braids will replace buns.”We feel that bows and eccentric headbands will be making more appearances this year.“The best accessories are headscarves – tied tightly around the front and letting the back of the scarf flow.”

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